Why the Bundi Jacket is The Most Versatile Piece of Clothing for an Indian Wedding!

Why the Bundi Jacket is The Most Versatile Piece of Clothing for an Indian Wedding!

Why the Bundi Jacket?

We get asked this question a lot by people. Why did we choose to focus on this particular piece as the core of our product line? It's because the Bundi Jacket is probably the most versatile piece of clothing for an Indian Wedding. (For a guy of course). 

For all the fun that comes with Indian weddings, we dislike the part about having to buy 2 or 3 expensive outfits for each wedding. The Bundi Jacket has been solving this problem of ours for many years. We hope it works for you too!

What is a Bundi Jacket?

A Bundi Jacket (Or a Nehru Jacket or Modi Jacket) is a sleeveless version of the Bandhgala jacket, which is a formal Indian Jacket worn with trousers. What's great about a Bundi Jacket is how well it pairs with Kurtas, Shirts, Jeans, or just about any other piece. 

It's the perfect companion for a destination wedding. I have traveled for weddings with a pair of jeans, two shirts, and four Bundi Jackets. With each jacket comes a new look. Whether it is pairing a light yellow jacket with a shirt for a Mehendi event, or a dark navy jacket with a black shirt for the Sangeet. It's simple and non-fussy.


What do you pair a Bundi Jacket with?

It's best to choose between a shirt or a kurta to wear under the Bundi Jacket. Opt for a neutral color shirt or kurta with a printed jacket.

When it comes to bottoms, jeans can work for a fun day party. For a more formal look, trousers are the best option.

Is it formal enough?

We get asked this often by customers. It really depends. If you're the groom you may opt for a jacket with a lot more embroidery and detail. But for anyone else, these jackets work great for most events. With our eye-popping prints, you'll be sure to stand out from a crowd. 


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